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IGNOU Solved Assignments 2018-19

Submission of Ignou solved assignments 2018-19 is mandatory for the students who are pursuing various programmes from Indira Gandhi National Open University. They have to submit the Tutor Marked assignments (TMA) for the courses which requires it as a part of curriculum.

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The assignments are an integral part of most of the programmes offered by Ignou.The university offers various programmes such as Master Degree, Bachelor Degree, Diploma and Certificate. These include BDP, BA, B.Sc., BSW, B.Com, BCA, BTS, BBARL, B.Ed, MA, M.Com, MSW, MTM, MEG, MAPC, M.Sc., MBA, MCA, etc.

To complete any of these programmes, the students need to submit the solved assignments 2018-19 for the respective courses/subjects for which they will be going to appear in the upcoming Term End Examination.

Without the submission of assignments, the students will not be able to submit the exam form online or offline. Because it is mandatory for all the courses which require continuous evaluation of assignments as a part of the curriculum.

It is to be noted that the students do not need to submit solved Ignou assignments 2018-19 in case of lab courses.

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Ignou Assignment Passing Marks

Students have to obtain minimum of 50% marks in the assignments to pass it. In case, if the student is unable to obtain 50% marks in assignment of any course, then he/she has to write and submit it again. Without securing the passing marks in assignments, the course cannot be completed.

Therefore, the students should take the assignment work seriously as it will also help them in securing good marks in a total.Every student should understand the importance of Ignou assignment submission.

Importance of Ignou Solved Assignments 2018-19

Any Ignou course constitutes the two components i.e Continuous Evaluation and Term End Examination. The continuous evaluation of assignments constitutes the 30% weightage whereas term end examination carries 70% weightage in the final results. The assignment marks of all the courses which

The assignment marks of all the courses which require assignment submission will be counted in the final result. It means if we assign total marks of 100 to any course then, an assignment will carry 30 marks and theory exams will carry 70 marks.

If we score only 10 marks in the assignment work, then it will affect the total marks percentage for that course which results in an overall percentage of programme marks. So, it is advised to all the IGNOU students that they should not take assignment work lightly and they must solve the assignments seriously.

They should write the quality answers in clean handwriting in the prescribed format which is mentioned in the programme prospectus by the university.

Solving the Ignou assignments by themselves will also help the students to prepare for their upcoming examination. They will read out the study material at least once to solve the assignments which will help them in their examination as they must have been covered all the topics during the process of solving the assignments. The university has included the assignment work in its curriculum for its many

The university has included the assignment work in its curriculum for its many programmes with the purpose to test the student’s comprehension of the learning material the university send to them in their preferable medium.

Last Date of Ignou Assignment Submission

Students can check the last date of Ignou assignment submission 2018-19 on the assignment booklet which they can download online from the university official website at www.ignou.ac.in. There is no need to ask anyone for the last date as the students can themselves check the last date in the introductory page of assignment question paper booklet.

It is very important to check the last date of submitting the Ignou solved assignments earlier. If the last date passes, then your assignment work will not be accepted by study centre.The students must complete and submit their assignments before the last date.

If you have not submitted the specified number of assignments at your respective study centre, then you will not be allowed to appear in the upcoming term-end examination.

Where to download Ignou Assignments 2018-19?

After the completion of admission or re-registration process, the Ignou send the Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA) question paper and study material in the form of a booklet to the students at the physical communication address.

Students can also download the assignment question paper booklets in the form of pdf file from the university official website at www.ignou.ac.in.

Whenever any student receives the assignment booklet at home, he/she should immediately check it to find whether it is complete or if it contains any missing page.It can be judged by counting the pages manually and comparing it with the count mentioned on front page of assignment booklet.

In case, if a student finds the missing page in the assignment booklet, then he/she can immediately ask for missing pages, if any, from The Registrar, Material Production & Distribution Division, IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi- 110068 or the Coordinator of your Study Centre.

Ignou Assignment Cover Page

I regularly receive number of queries regarding Ignou assignment front page. Many students ask questions like
  • Is it mandatory to make front page of Ignou solved assignments?
  • how to make Ignou assignment cover page? How it looks like?
  • Can you please send me the sample front page of Ignou assignment?
  • Where can I get ignou assignment front page sample?

I would like to answer all these queries of the students in a very simple and easy way. Let’s answer these queries one by one…

Yes, it is mandatory to make front page of the assignment in a prescribed format.

Students should not make Ignou assignment cover page by their imagination.There is a particular format provided by Indira Gandhi National Open University to make it. It can be checked in the common prospectus provided by the university. Students can also check it in their assignment question paper booklet. Below, we have provided the sample of Ignou assignment cover page:

sample of ignou assignment cover page

We cannot send sample of front page to each and every student.So, that’s why we have uploaded it here in the PDF format. Students can easily download it and take print out of it.

Important Guidelines to write Ignou Assignments

There are few guidelines provided by the university to write assignment answers. These are mentioned below:

  1. The answers should be written in the student handwriting only.
  2. Please write the answers in simple and correct English.
  3. The number of words should not exceed the limit provided in ffront of each question in the assignment booklet.
  4. Most importantly, it should be neat and clean.
  5. Students should make use of foolscap size paper for writing answers. Also, tag all the pages carefully.
  6. Write the relevant question number at start of each each answer.

How to Solve Ignou Assignments 2018-19?

Students should solve the Tutor Marked Assignment question paper by themselves.They can solve it by going through the study material and reference books. They can also take the help of their Programme Coordinator by attending the classes at their respective study centres.

They can contact their Regional Centre for the class schedule. As per the university, the printed study material contains sufficient information that should be required by students to answer the assignment questions.

They do not need to take tension about the non-availability of reference books for writing the Ignou solved assignments 2018-19. However, if you possess any reference book which can help, then you may use it to write good answers.

The Indira Gandhi National Open University’s various School of Studies design the assignment question papers in such a way that it help the students to concentrate mostly on the original Ignou study material to solve it and also to make use of their personal experience.

Please make sure while submitting the assignments that you have written answers to all the questions and it is complete in all respects. Incomplete answers will result in poor grades or marks which will degrade your result.

Note: In case, if someone needs help in solving the questions, he/she can send email at [email protected]

Where to submit Solved Ignou Assignments?

After completing the assignment, the students have to submit it to their study centre concerned. Do not forget to get the receipt while submitting the assignments at your study centres. Also, the students can retain the photocopy of the assignment work which they have submitted for their own record or for future reference.

You can get the duly evaluated tutor marked assignments along with a copy of assessment sheet containing comments on the assignment by the evaluator after one month from submission of assignment. It will surely help you to improve in making assignments in future.

How to check Ignou Assignment Status?

In Indira Gandhi National Open University, the assignments for June examination are submitted before 31st March. For, December exams, the assignments have to be submitted before 31st December. After submitting the solved Ignou assignments at the concerned study centres, it takes almost 3 to 4 months by the university in updating its marks on the official website. Students can check the Ignou grade card status to know their marks.

However, the students remain in the state of confusion after submitting their assignments.Whether the assignments has been submitted properly or not.To help out students, the university has provided an option on its official website to check Ignou assignment status.For the student’s convenience, we have provided below the link to check Ignou assignment submission status online:

I hope this article will motivate you in preparing good Ignou solved assignments. It can help you in obtaining good marks.

Best of Luck!

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