IGNOU B.Sc. Mathematics (MTE) Solved Assignments 2019

IGNOU B.Sc. Mathematics Solved Assignments 2019

Students of Indira Gandhi National Open University who are pursuing B.Sc. programme need to submit Ignou B.Sc. Mathematics solved assignments to complete their courses.They can download Tutor Marked assignment question papers from the official website in English or Hindi medium for the year 2019.

For MTE Solved Assignments, Whatsapp at: 7428482160

The Ignou MTE assignments 2019 are also valid for other Bachelor Degree programmes such as BA and B.Com.

Students who have to appear in June 2019 and December 2019 examination can write Ignou MTE assignment answers of the questions uploaded on the official website of the university.The university uploads the assignment questions once in a year for both sessions.

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The details of Ignou B.Sc. Mathematics assignments has been mentioned below:

  • Programme Name: Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
  • Programme Code: B.Sc.
  • Validity of Assignment: These assignments will remain valid from 1st Jan 2019 to 31st December 2019.

Each Ignou MTE assignment is of 100 marks.The marks weightage of questions in each Ignou B.Sc. Mathematics course assignment may vary. Unlike theory papers, the MTE questions are more mathematical type. Students need to solve them to get the correct solution. So,there is no word limit for any question. But the students are requested to write the precise answers.

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The university gives 30% weightage to these assignments. It means the 30% of the total marks obtained by the students in the assignments will be added in the total marks of the course. Therefore total marks for any course will be combination of 70% theory and 30% assignment marks.

IGNOU B.Sc. Mathematics Assignments Free Download

Students can easily download Ignou B.Sc. Mathematics assignment question papers free of cost from the university official website.They do not have to pay any charges or fee for that.The university also send the hard copy of BPY assignments at the physical communication address of student. In case, if anyone do not receive it, he/she may download it from the link mentioned below. Students can download assignments for the following courses:

  • MTE-01: Calculus
  • MTE-02: Linear Algebra
  • MTE-03: Mathematical Methods
  • MTE-04: Elementary Algebra
  • MTE-05: Analytical Geometry
  • MTE-06: Abstract Algebra
  • MTE-07: Advanced Calculus
  • MTE-08: Differential Equations
  • MTE-09: Real Analysis
  • MTE-10: Numerical Analysis
  • MTE-11: Probability and Statistics
  • MTE-12: Linear Programming
  • MTE-13: Discrete Mathematics
  • MTE-14: Mathematical Modelling

Here, is the link to download Ignou B.Sc. Mathematics assignments for all the above mentioned courses

Last Date of Ignou B.Sc. Mathematics Assignment submission

Admission Cycle Date of Submission Where to submit?
For July 2018 Batch 31st March, 2019 To, The Coordinator of the Study For students admitted in Centre allotted to you
For January 2019 Batch 30th September, 2019

Students have to submit the solved assignments of Ignou B.Sc. Mathematics programme in both first and second year for the courses which requires it. Let’s discuss about these courses…

Guidelines to write IGNOU MTE Solved Assignments

  • Please read the assignments thoroughly and carefully
  • Students have to answer the questions as per the word limit.
  • Write the answers in your own handwriting.
  • Try to write answers in your own words.Don’t just copy & paste the answers from the study material.

How to obtain IGNOU B.Sc. Mathematics Solved Assignments?

It is always good to solve assignments by yourself.Because it help students to go through complete study material. It also help them in exam preparation.

In case, if someone is unable to solve assignment then he/she may request for Ignou B.Sc. Mathematics solved assignments 2019 for all subjects in the form of PDF at cheap price.

All you have to do is to send email at [email protected] or Whatsapp at: 7428482160

Or Click on link mentioned below to get MTE assignment solution:

Please mention your complete requirement while writing email. e.g. subject code

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