IGNOU PGDT Solved Assignment 2019

IGNOU PGDT Solved Assignments 2019-20

The IGNOU PGDT solved assignments 2019-20 are valid for the students who have taken admission in January 2019 & July 2019 sessions. Students who are pursuing Post Graduate Diploma in Translation from IGNOU have to submit assignments for the following courses: PGDT-01, PGDT-02, PGDT-03, PGDT-04. Also, they have to submit PGDT-05 (Project Report) as well to complete the programme.

The students need to submit the solved assignments of all the above mentioned courses to complete the PG Diploma in Translation. IGNOU PGDT assignments have 30% weightage of marks. Rest of 70% marks are added from marks obtained by students in Term End theory exams.

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IGNOU PGDT Assignment 2019-20

Students have to write solution of PGDT assignments for following four courses:

IGNOU PGDT Solved Assignment Jan- July 2019 Download All
PGDT-01 : Anuvaad Siddhant aur Pravidhi Download
PGDT-02 : Anuvaad ka Samajik aur Bhashik Paksh Download
PGDT-03 : Vyavharik Anuvadd ke Vividh Star aur Kshetra Download
PGDT-04 : Prashasnik Anuvaad Download
PGDT-05 : Anuvaad Pariyojana (Project Report) Not Available

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Each PGDT course assignment has three type of questions based on marks i.e. Long, medium and short.The students should remember the following points while writing the answers of PGDT assignments.

  • Answers should be within a limit of 1000 word for long answer type questions.
  • While writing answers of medium answer type questions, students should keep in mind that the answer should not exceed word limit of 500.
  • The word limit for Short answer type question is 100 words for each question.

Validity of IGNOU PGDT Assignments 2019-20

IGNOU PGDT assignments 2019-20 are valid for students who have taken admission in January 2019 and July 2019 sessions. In Post Graduate Diploma in Translation programme offered by Indira Gandhi National Open University, students have to complete one Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA) for each course.

Guidelines to write IGNOU PGDT Assignments

It is advised to students that they should follow guidelines prepared by university to complete their IGNOU PGDT solved assignments.The important guidelines and instructions can be read from programme guide or assignment booklet provided by IGNOU. Here, we are going to mention few important points to solve and write PGDT assignment.These are as follows:

  • Students should write the answers in their own words.
  • Answers of each question should be written within range of approximate word limit mentioned on assignment booklet.
  • Write the answers in your own handwriting.

IGNOU PGDT Assignments Free Download

Students can easily download IGNOU PGDT assignment question papers free of cost from the university official website.They do not have to pay any charges or fee for that.

The university also send the hard copy of Post-Graduate Diploma in Translation assignments at the physical communication address of student. In case, if anyone do not receive it, he/she may download it from the link mentioned below:

Last Date of Ignou PGDT Assignment submission

Students can check out PGDT assignment submission last date in the assignment booklet. For their convenience, we have also mentioned the dates below as well:

  • Students of January 2019 batch have to submit the solved assignments of PGDT programme before 30th September 2019.
  • Students who have taken admission in July 2019 batch can submit the assignments before 30th March 2020

How to get IGNOU PGDT Solved Assignments?

It is always good to solve PGDT assignments by yourself.Because it will help students in preparing for exams as well. They will read the study material at least once to prepare assignments.

In case, if someone is unable to solve the assignment, he/she may request for IGNOU PGDT solved assignments 2019-20 for all subjects in the form of PDF at cheap price.

Please send us an email at: [email protected] or Whatsapp at 7428482160

Don’t forget to mention your complete requirement while writing email. e.g. subject code, your name, enrollment number.

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