IGNOU M.COM Syllabus 2019

IGNOU M.COM Syllabus 2019

Who require IGNOU syllabus for M.Com 2019 ?

Students who are pursuing M.Com from IGNOU or those who wish to take admission in Master of Commerce programme of Indira Gandhi National Open University would like to check out complete syllabus to have an idea about this programme.

The IGNOU M.Com is a two year master degree programme. The students have to study six courses / subjects each in both first and year. With the time and industry requirement, the university regularly revise its syllabus.

To have a clear idea about MCOM IGNOU syllabus 2019, students should check out study material of ignou mcom.

Here, we have provided the complete syllabus of mcom first and second year courses.

The detailed syllabus has been mentioned below:

IGNOU MCOM First Year Syllabus

In first year, the students have to study six courses from IBO-1 to IBO-6 having six credits each. Below, you can check out complete syllabus of IGNOU M.Com first year courses:

IBO-1: International Business Environment

  • Block-1: Concepts and Dimension
  • Block-2: Globalization : Process and Forces
  • Block-3: World Trading Systems and Institution
  • Block-4: Legal Environment
  • Block-5: Contemporary Developments and Issues

IBO-2: International Marketing Management

  • Block-1: Introduction to International Marketing
  • Block-2: International Market Selection and Entry
  • Block-3: International Product and Pricing Decisions
  • Block-4: International Distribution and Promotion
  • Block-5: Managing International Marketing Operations
  • Block-6: International Marketing Research

IBO-3: India’s Foreign Trade

  • Block-1: Foreign Trade : An Overview
  • Block-2: Institutional Framework Policies
  • Block-3: Trade Prospects of Select Product-I
  • Block-4: Trade Prospects with Select Product-II
  • Block-5: Trade Prospects of Select Markets

IBO-4: Export Import Procedures and Documentation

  • Block-1: Export Import Documentation & Policies
  • Block-2: Terms of Payment and Financing Practices
  • Block-3: Export Import Trade Operation
  • Block-4: Export Assistance and Support Measures

IBO-5: International Marketing Logistics

  • Block-1: International Marketing, Logistic System
  • Block-2: International Transport System
  • Block-3: International Freighting Practices
  • Block-4: Port Systems and Institutional Arrangement

IBO-6: International Business Finance

  • Block-1: International Financial System
  • Block-2: Foreign Exchange Risk Management
  • Block-3: Investing in Foreign Operations
  • Block-4: Financing International Operations

IGNOU MCOM Second Year Syllabus

In second year, the students have to study six courses from MCO-1 to MCO-7 having six credits each. Below, you can check out complete syllabus of IGNOU M.Com second year courses:

MCO-1: Organisation Theory and Behaviour

  • Block-1: Organisation Theory
  • Block-2: Organisational Behaviour and Individual Perspective-I
  • Block-3: Organisational Behaviour and Individual Perspective-II
  • Block-4: Group Behaviour
  • Block-5: Organisational Culture and Development

MCO-3: Research Methodology and Statistical Analysis

  • Block-1: Research and Data Collection
  • Block-2: Processing and Preservation of Data
  • Block-3: Relational and Trend Analysis
  • Block-4: Probability and Hypothesis Testing
  • Block-5: Interpretation and Reporting

MCO-4: Business Environment

  • Block-1: Socio-Political Environment
  • Block-2: Legal Environment
  • Block-3: Regulations of Financial Markets
  • Block-4: Economic Environment
  • Block-5: International and Technological Environment

MCO-5: Accounting for Managerial Decisions

  • Block-1: Fundamentals of Accounting
  • Block-2: Analysis of Financial Statements
  • Block-3: Budgeting and Budgetary Control
  • Block-4: Standard Costing
  • Block-5: Cost Volume Profit Analysis

MCO-6: Marketing Management

  • Block-1: Nature and Scope of Marketing
  • Block-2: Understanding Consumers and Selecting Target Markets
  • Block-3: Product Decisions
  • Block-4: Pricing Decisions
  • Block-5: Distribution Decisions
  • Block-6 Promotion Decisions and Emerging Issues

MCO-7: Financial Management

  • Block-1: Foundations of Finance
  • Block-2: Investment Decisions
  • Block-3: Long Term Financing
  • Block-4: Financing and Dividend Decisions
  • Block-5: Management of Working Capital


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